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FedEx Incorporates First 150 EV’s In Delivery Fleet

FedEx and BrightDrop recently announced the delivery of the first 150 Zevo 600 electric vehicles to sites throughout southern

LG Chem

LG Batteries Are Behind Recent Car Fires Of Two Major EV Brands

Over the last six months, a handful of the world’s top electric-vehicle (EV) manufacturers have issued some of the


Why GM Bolt Batteries Are Catching Fire? – A Plausible Explanation

When the batteries used in the Chevy Bolt first started catching fire, General Motors and its battery supplier, LG

Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cells To Be Deployed In An Aircraft Near You

Fuel cells can power a zero emission electric car, like a battery. The big attraction relates to charging time.


GM Will Supply Ultium Batteries & Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Locomotives

General Motors Co (GM) will supply electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cell systems for rail supplier Wabtec Corp’s locomotives,


Following Tesla’s Lead, GM Has Also Launched An Auto Insurance Service

General Motors (GM) is following Tesla’s lead and launching its own auto insurance, OnStar Insurance. Tesla is a growing


GM Factories Are Growing With Solar Energy

General Motors (GM) has realized that putting solar solar panels on the roofs of its factories can only go


GM Has Begun Work On Ultium Battery Factory

It’s always hard to tell if the legacy automaker like General Motors (GM), is really serious about transiting to

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