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Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than Predicted…

Millions of people are now directly affected by the consequences of climate change. This summer’s blistering heat waves have

Samsung Batteries Are Bursting Out of Phones Due To Heatwave

Samsung Batteries Are Bursting Out of Phones Due To Heatwave

Mrwhosetheboss, a YouTube tech reviewer who goes by the name Arun Maini, claims to have made a frightening discovery


Lethal Temperature Is Forcing Countries To Protect At-Risk Infrastructure

As Europe’s lethal temperatures continue to rise to alarming, record-breaking highs, countries are trying to preserve vulnerable infrastructure. One

tidal wave

A Massive Tidal Wave Crashes Over A 2-Story Condo…

While Europe suffers from a fatal heat, other parts of the world are dealing with the terrible repercussions of


Heatwave Is Melting Airport Runway In Britain

England is being cooked by a lethal heatwave – literally, in the instance of one Royal Air Force facility,


Record Breaking Temperatures World Over Are Not Natural But Man-Made

Temperatures at the north and south poles set records in March. In May, the temperature in Delhi reached 49


Millets, A Superfood, Are More Climate Resilient Than Rice…

India is suffering a water and food crisis, which has been compounded by extreme climatic cycles such as the


Heatwaves Are Influencing How We Live…

Heatwaves have generated crisis circumstances in India and Pakistan over the previous two months, with birds falling from the

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