hydrogen fuel cell

The Indian government has set an ambitious objective of decreasing the carbon intensity of its economy by 45 percent by year 2030. In this backdrop, hydrogen fuel cell technology is developing as a possible replacement for fossil fuels. Tata Motors has taken considerable efforts and has been leading in theContinue Reading

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Decarbonization of the passenger rail system is the new trend that’s catching up all around the world and ‘Hydrogen Fuel Cells’ seems to be the preferred choice for this transition. Electrification has been the weapon of choice for long but Installing new electric infrastructure on previously un-electrified routes ran intoContinue Reading

Bosch is partnering with Swedish Powercell to co-develop polymer-electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel-cells. It is going to be a new line of hydrogen fuel cells for automotive applications. After the initial development, Bosch will manufacture and bring the new fuel-cell stacks to market in 2022 ‘at the latest’, according to theContinue Reading