Researchers from China’s Xidian University are proposing to use waste lead from lead-acid batteries for the manufacturing of perovskite for solar cells. The proposed one-step process, which was tested in the production of a 17.38% efficient perovskite heterojunction cell, is said to be cheaper and less energy-intensive than other recyclingContinue Reading

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be just the thing to accelerate spray-on solar cell technology, which could revolutionize how consumers use energy. A research team at the University of Central Florida used Machine Learning, aka Artificial Intelligence to optimize the materials used to make perovskite solar cells (PSC). The Organic-Inorganic halideContinue Reading

If all works out well, practically any facility that manufactures glass could churn out low cost perovskite solar cells for local markets. Researchers at The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Germany have come up with a business model that could upend the global solar marketplace. Aside from makingContinue Reading