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Cargill Is Managing Plastic Waste By Reducing, Recycling & Recovering

Cargill’s oils business in India has redesigned its packaging by cutting down on the amount of raw plastic used across

Southeast Asian Countries Revolt Against Trash Shipments

China’s decision to ban foreign plastic waste imports last year threw global recycling into chaos, leaving developed nations struggling

238 Tonnes Of Plastic Waste Found On Remote Indian Ocean Islands

Remote islands without large populations are the most effective indicator of the amount of plastic debris floating in the

Basel Convention: No More Shipments Of Plastic Waste To Poor Nations

Since 1992, a treaty known as the Basel Convention has regulated how nations transport hazardous materials across borders. The

the Body shop

The Body Shop Is Using Recycled Plastic For Haircare Bottles

The international beauty brand ‘The Body Shop’ claims that by the end of 2019, over three million haircare bottles

Garbage Dumps Are Changing Food Habits Of Wild Animals: Study

A new study has found that Garbage dumps are resulting in a shift in food habits of birds and

Rajkot Namkeen Makers Under RMC Scanner For Plastic Waste

Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) was forced to issue a notice to 10 major namkeen manufacturers and have called them

World Leader In Plastic Pollution : Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle

In a global plastic audit spanning 42 countries and six continents for which more than 187,000 pieces of plastic

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