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Ocean Grazer

Ocean Grazer Develop Novel Ocean Battery Technology

Ocean Grazer, a Dutch business, won the CES 2022 “Best of Innovation” award for their Ocean Battery technology. They

Water Batteries

Water Batteries – Even After 100 Years It Is The Most Efficient Large Energy Storage

Water batteries also known as pumped storage hydropower is the most dominant form of energy storage on the electric grid

storage technology

Existing Storage Technologies Can Take Us To A Zero Emission World

The role of renewable energy and storage technologies in helping the world to combat climate change is expected to

Pumped hydro storage

Cost-Effective Design For Pumped Hydropower

The simple fact is that plain old water is the only large scale, long duration energy storage medium available

energy vault

Energy Vault Is Using Just Gravity To Store Renewable Energy

Swiss startup Energy Vault wants to overcome the limitations of lithium-ion batteries by storing green wind and solar energy

Bengal Plans To Add 2000 MW In 5 Years

West Bengal, a power surplus state, was planning to add 2000 MW over the next five years, state Power

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