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Porsche’s Regenerative Braking Increases Range By An Impressive 30%!

Porsche’s Regenerative Braking Increases Range By An Impressive 30%!

Porsche Group experts are working on innovative braking force distribution technologies to enable effective recuperation without sacrificing comfort for


Ecolution Plans To Gild Electric Trucks With Kinetic Energy Storage

Ecolution Power Company, located in Florida, is on a quest to gild the electric vehicle with kinetic energy storage,

Lift Energy Storage

Lift Energy Storage Tech – Turning Skyscrapers Into Battery

With the fast decrease in the cost of renewable energy generation, such as wind and solar power, there is


World’s First ‘Infinity Train’ It Needs No Recharging !

NBC News recently reported on an electric train that never has to be charged. Fortescue Williams, a “hard rock”

Volkswagen ID.3 Travels 531 Kms On A Single Charge

A stock ID.3 First Pro Performance equipped with a 58 kWh battery was driven from the factory in Zwickau,

electric cars

Electric Cars – Tips To Enhance ‘Range’

Electric car batteries have come a long way over in last couple of years but still one of the

Elektro Dumper: World’s Largest EV That Requires No Charging

Elektro Dumper is 30-feet long, 14-feet wide, 14-feet tall and weighs 45 tonnes when empty, which makes it worlds

Saving Energy through Regenerative Braking

The Chennai Metro Rail system has made a great move toward energy efficiency by adopting the Regenerative Braking Technology

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