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Glacial Lake Flooding Threaten Millions Globally

New Study – Glacial Lake Flooding Threaten Millions Globally

According to recent research, climate warming is worsening future flooding emergencies at both high and low elevations. Approximately 15


Melting Of Greenland Ice Cover Is Now ‘Inevitable’

Scientists are warning that the melting of Greenland’s ice cover is now “inevitable,” resulting in a significant rise in


Moses Will Ascend To Save Venice From Flooding!

In 2022, Venice—La Serenissima—has become a poster child for climate change. As sea levels rise across the world, the

tidal wave

A Massive Tidal Wave Crashes Over A 2-Story Condo…

While Europe suffers from a fatal heat, other parts of the world are dealing with the terrible repercussions of


Indonesian Capital, Jakarta, Has Already Started Sinking…

Jakarta, Indonesia’s largest city, is sinking into the neighboring Java Sea as a result of the fact that many


Greenland Ice Melting Rate Is At A 12000 Year High

The Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) is losing mass at an alarming rate. A new study recently discovered that the

sinking cities

Cities Are Literally Sinking in Earth Under Their Own Weight

Cities don’t just have sea level rises to worry about – they’re also slowly sinking under the weight of


Oceans Are Receiving Five Hiroshima Bomb Worth Of Heat Every Second…

After analyzing data from the 1950s through 2019, an international team of scientists determined that the average temperature of the

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