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PNNL Is “Magically” Mining Metals From Water

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are now collaborating with industry to evaluate a

recycled water

Recycled Water Adds More Sustainable Water Source For Chennai

In 2019, barely four years after unprecedented floods brought Chennai to a halt, a severe water shortage hit India’s


Unsold Beer Is Being Turned Into Renewable Energy

Millions of litres of beer which expired at South Australian breweries amid the coronavirus pandemic has been converted into

A Multi-Stakeholder Effort To Rejuvenate Mahadevapura Lake

Amazon, Mphasis, Dell Technologies, HTC Global and BORDA, the leading corporates in Bengaluru have come together to partner with

Low-cost Method To Help Remove Toxic Dyes In Wastewater

Water contamination due to dyes is a major cause of worry. A new study says sawdust from teak wood

Nanomaterial from Seaweed make carbon-based cleaning process Green

Treatment of wastewater containing industrial dyes and toxic heavy metals is a major environmental problem, as the available treatment

Novel Method Of Removing Drugs From Wastewater

Hospital wastewater which includes drugs is a major environmental problem. A group of researchers from Belgium and India have

Indian Scientists Turn Sugar Waste Into Next-Gen Battery Material

Indian scientists have demonstrated that wastewater from some of the dirtiest industrial processes can be turned into a carbon

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