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CalWave - The Newest Startup Trying To Harness Wave Energy

CalWave – A New Startup That Is Trying To Harness Wave Energy

CalWave Power Technologies is the newest company attempting to gather wave energy from the ocean while avoiding costs, corrosion,

Wave energy

First Wave Energy Project That Is Actually Generating Electricity For Client

Many people have attempted, with varied degrees of success, to convert the movement of waves into a sustainable kind

wave energy

Harnessing Wave Energy With flexWECs

Looking at the ocean one is awed by the power apparent in every wave. One way to harness the

Oscilla Power

Oscilla Power Working On A Wave Energy Pilot Project In Kerala

A US-based company, Oscilla Power, which claims to have developed a unique technology for harnessing energy by attenuating the

wave energy

TENG – A New “Artificial Jellyfish” Like Wave Energy Device

A new wave energy device  has been developed by a team of scientists from the Department of Materials Science

Ocean Energy: Harvesting The Ocean Waves For Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes in many forms, with sunlight, wind, and flowing water being the most common. There is also

ShipEco Marine: A Completely Different Approach To Wave Energy

There are thousands of giant oil tankers crisscrossing the world’s oceans with their cargoes of death-dealing products. Every year,

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