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99% Of World Population Breaths Dangerous Air

According to a large new research, 99 percent of the worldwide population — nearly everyone on the planet —

WHO Cancer Alert On Insecticides: Lindane, DDT and Herbicide

A cancer alert has been sounded on insecticides lindane, DDT and herbicide 2,4-D, after their carcinogenicity was evaluated by

Rooftop Solar a MUST in all Haryana Government Buildings

The Haryana government is going to make it mandatory for all public buildings, like schools, health centres, offices etc.,

Solar-powered Vaccine Refrigerators

The VC110SDD solar-powered refrigerator uses Dulas’ advanced phase change energy storage technology to provide an extended operating temperature range

Your Bottled Water Contains Microplastics

You already know how bad plastic bottles are for the planet. We go through a million of them per minute

Bio-medical Waste Rules Amended to Protect Human Health

Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules have been amended to improve compliance and strengthen the implementation of environmentally sound management of

Nitrogen – a new cause of Environmental Pollution

The fight against environmental pollution could soon witness a paradigm shift, with a new study showing that domestic sewage

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