Think Rationally: Coal Is Everywhere In Our Life

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The pretty sailboat Greta Thunberg rode to New York City was made entirely from coal.

From the amazing Nylon ropes to the carbon fibers in the hull to that pretty black carbon fiber sail the whole boat was made from coal. Even the resins that glued the fibers together were made from coal.

It is an irony that she chose a product almost 100% made from coal to fuss at coal.

Even those pretty solar cells and windmills depend on coal.

The energy from coal makes the steel and aluminum. it refines and makes the magnets. Coal supplies the materials for seals and lubricants. Coal makes the glues and so much more.

Coal is probably the single most important product in our life. It is actually the reason we have whales in the ocean.

Early industrial societies used whale oil widely in oil lamps and to make soap and margarine. With the commercial development of the petroleum industry and vegetable oils, the use of whale oils declined considerably from its peak in the 19th century into the 20th century.

Make no mistake I am not wanting to mess up the earth. But I also know the cost of stopping what we are doing.

Trying to get rid of coal is like deciding that your blood is nasty and so deciding to drain it out of body. We will die, due to such thinking.

Think rationally: coal is everywhere in our life we just can’t decide to get rid of it one fine day, migrate away from it…rationally and sensibly.

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