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Kentucky’s Old Coal Mine Will Be The Site For “Water Battery” Project

The hydropower major Rye Development has come up with a strategy to make Kentucky’s old coal mine a hub


First Drop In India’s Coal-Fired Power Generation In 13 Years

India’s electricity generation from coal power plants declined 3 per cent to 780 Billion Units (BU) during the April-December

Think Rationally: Coal Is Everywhere In Our Life

The pretty sailboat Greta Thunberg rode to New York City was made entirely from coal. From the amazing Nylon

With All These Renewable Growth Stories Around…Have We Really Curbed Fossil Fuel Use?

If you think we’ve been doing a reasonable job of curbing fossil fuel use, you are sadly mistaken. Global

The Diamond City, Surat- Has A New Tag…

Surat, the diamond city of India has a new tag, Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) recently became a successful example

Surprising: Household Fuels Deadlier Than Exhaust Fumes

India, where wood, cow dung, coal, and kerosene are the primary sources of heat and cooking for about half

Atleast For Now: Divert ‘National Clean Energy Fund’ For Clean Coal-Based Generation

India is marching forward with the renewable energy transition, which now accounts for over 13 per cent of the

Carbon Capture Don’t Worth The Investment: An Analysis

An international team of researchers found that the worst renewable energy investments are equal to the best carbon capture

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