Mytrah Energy erects India’s tallest Met Mast

Renewable energy independent power producer Mytrah Energy has erected and commissioned the tallest met mast of 160 metres height in the Asia Pacific region on November 16 at Kayathar in the Tuticorin belt in Tamil Nadu.

With this, Mytrah Energy broke its own record of installing a 150m mast, which was set in October, and was the tallest such mast commissioned in India and the second tallest in Asia. Since then, Mytrah has installed 150m masts across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

“Power output depends on the size and height of turbines. Larger wind turbines lead to cost-effective power generation. Mytrah’s commissioning of this met mast reflects its focus on developing technological tools for revolutionising the renewable energy sector in the country.” said, Vikram Kailas, Vice Chairman and MD, Mytrah Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd (MEIPL).

The met mast has five wind speed monitoring levels (160m, 140m, 120m, 90m,50m), three wind direction monitoring levels (138m, 118m and 88m), two temperature monitoring levels (160m and 10m) and one pressure sensor level (10m). It is a combination of 400mm x400mm and 300 mmx300mm square lattice structure with L angle tube that has all the sensors placed according to the IEC 61400-12-1 standard for accurate measurement of wind speed and direction.