Nerve Smart Systems to Launch a 350 kW EV Charger

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The new long-range EVs hitting the streets these days need electricity, and a lot of it.

It is still a bit unclear what kind of battery buffers the new 350 kW networks popping up around Europe will have — based on hardware from the likes of ABB and Porsche — or if they can sustain full charge of multiple vehicles at a time. The Danish company Nerve Smart Systems claims they can.

The company is about to launch the first version of a new type of battery high power charger that support 350 kW sustained charging without overloading the power grid.

The company calls its battery buffer solution Nerve Switch, and the key advantage is that the connection to the grid can be of a lower standard and thus much cheaper than it would otherwise be, making the solution interesting for service stations, logistics centers, shopping malls, hotels, airports and other service providers wishing to offer their customers a quick charge of their electric vehicles.

Charging an EV at 350 kW translates to adding about 20 miles of range, every minute! Add to that the fact that you can walk away from your car and do other things while charging, or just take a quick 10-minute nap, before your next 200-mile stretch.

The company has received a €2.4 million grant from the EU Horizon 2020 program, and a total of €5.5 million has now been raised for the development of the patent-pending Nerve Switch battery solution.

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