Tamil Nadu to Tenders for 3,000 MW Green Energy

Tangedco will be floating a tenders to purchase 1500MW of solar power at a cost of 3 per unit and 1,500MW of wind power at a cost of 2.65 per unit. By April first week, the tenders will be floated for solar and wind for this it has got a go ahead from Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC).

Tamil Nadu has a total wind capacity of 7,858MW and more than 1,000MW is in the pipeline after the tenders were finalised last year. Solar power capacity is around 1,800MW and more than 1,000MW is in the pipeline. While TN is far ahead of all other states with regard to wind power capacity, in solar it is behind other states.

Meanwhile, more wind power companies are showing interest in investing in Tamil Nadu, which is at ninth place across the world in terms of wind power generation. The investments in wind power will also increase the tax revenue for the state government.

Investments in each MW will increase the employment opportunity too. Each MW will give employment to at least 50 persons in manufacturing of the wind mills as well as in maintaining once the wind mill is commissioned.

The coming year’s base tariff is likely to be the lowest for wind power in the country. Last year, it was 3.42/unit.