WoW Hyderabad is Making a Difference

A joint initiative of the city-based Indian conglomerate ITC Limited and GHMC under, “Wellbeing Out of Waste” (WoW) Hyderabad , has set its eyes on revolutionising work atmosphere into an eco-friendly one through its recent campaign titled “Swachh Karyalay”.

WoW Hyderabad is currently running a pilot project in government units such as the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) office in Secunderabad to measure the parameters like employee involvement in the movement, how much waste has been brought down or recycled, the amount of energy saved etc.

From running awareness drives on how old files and papers that are exposed to dust, rain, and scorching heat could be recycled to produce stationery for the poor and needy at subsidised rates to saving energy in the office by replacing traditional tube lights with LEDs

Launched in January 2018, the campaign aims to bring out efficient solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle waste generated in offices along with saving important resources like electricity, water etc which could be passed on to the future generations if used judiciously.

The CSR wing of ITC is also pitching in for such activities in the National Thermal Power Corporation Limited office in Hyderabad. If everything goes well, this brainchild of WoW Hyderabad might soon spread its wings to corporate giants in the city which are ready to welcome an eco-friendly makeover to their working patterns.

Swachh Karyalay is definitely a unique attempt by WoW Hyderabad to inculcate simple ways of sustainability even at office place because it is often the most ignored centres of waste accumulation.