Drinking Water from Thin Air – Its REAL

Big problems need big solutions. But big and effective solutions might not be that complicated. I had heard about devices that extract water from thin air — after all, your air conditioner does this all the time, so the principle of condensing water vapor is not that difficult to understand — but I wondered if any industrial scale solutions were out there.

There are real products…what’s out there?

Freshwater solutions

The device accelerates the natural water cycle by capturing the micro particles of water that are suspended in relative humidity, then form a cloud and make it rain, obtaining pristine water that passes through a filtering, purification and sterilization process, and can obtain up to 28 liters of purified water per day.

Water from Air

There are 12 Quadrillion litres of water in the atmosphere at any given time, and water is in a constant hydrological cycle.

Water from Air machines extract moisture/water from the atmosphere through a condensation process. The water then passes through a filtration process and UV sterilisation process that produces ultra pure, healthy, drinking water.


The most abundant source of fresh water is the Earth’s atmosphere. When atmospheric humidity condenses, it falls as rain.

Skywater replicates this natural process of condensation by simulating the dew point, which allows it to make water continuously, even in low humidity conditions. This is Skywater’s patented adiabatic distillation process.

Again replicating nature’s process, Skywater generates ozone to purify the water. Ozone (O3), a natural occurring gas that is produced in nature when it rains, binds with water to eliminate bacteria and other impurities.

Zero Mass Water

Applying thermodynamics, materials science, and controls technology, SOURCE needs only sunlight and air to make drinking water each day at homes, schools, offices and more.

No pipe input. No electrical input. No infrastructure. Independence means peace of mind. SOURCE is abundance in drinking water: up to a case of bottled water generated per day from a pair of panels.

Truly Renewable Water. SOURCE taps into the unlimited supply of water vapor in the air, using sunlight to power a renewable supply of drinking water. Without the waste of bottled or filtered water, SOURCE is water you can feel good about drinking. A single SOURCE array offsets the equivalent of over 70,000 plastic bottles over ten years and wastes zero water.

And the list hopefully goes on…I must admit all this sounds promising, so why are we not seeing these systems everywhere? Am I missing something? Cost? Scalability? Safety? If not, what are we waiting for???