Sustainable Energy Solutions from SELCO and IKEA

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SELCO Foundation, a not-for-profit and implementation-based R&D lab for the poor, in partnership with the IKEA Foundation plans to design and implement sustainable energy solutions that will improve health, education and income generation among vulnerable communities in India as part of Earth Day.

IKEA Foundation and SELCO Foundation is planning to impact over 1.60 lakhs adults and 4 lakhs children by providing them with healthier homes and better healthcare and educational opportunities.

SELCO Foundation is expected do this by partnering with key institutions across the country to develop sustainable energy advocates across different sectors of education, health, livelihood and housing.

Poverty escapes are not a one-way street, and the negative impact of climate change is threatening the progress many vulnerable communities have made so far. For these communities, building resilience represents one of the best ways to adapt to a changing climate. This is what the partnership is trying to achieve.

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