Toshiba to expand India’s Water Turbine Assembly Plant

Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation (TPSC) (India) Private Limited, a 100 percent Indian subsidiary in Japan, announced that it will expand its assembly plant of water turbines for small and medium-sized hydroelectric power project in India.

Currently, the TPSC(I) plant in Delhi-NCR assembles water turbines for small and medium sized hydroelectric power facilities ranging between 1 MW to 15 MW capacity. The new assembly line will allow TPSC(I) to increase existing production capacity and also assemble water turbines that are larger in weight and size.

The company expects to complete the expansion work by March 2019. TPSC(I) has already received orders for 11 projects comprising of 22 turbines in India and Nepal.

With the global environmental awareness, the market is expanding with the attention and importance of small hydroelectric power generation as a renewable energy without dams.

TPSC(I) aims to maintain highest quality and efficiency of assembly work in India, and neighboring countries including Southeast Asia region with abundant water resources. It also aims to bag more orders of small hydroelectric power generation equipment.