MMC planning to Sell Organic Fertilizers

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Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation (MMC) has around one tonne of fertilizer that has been produced by processing municipal waste and the corporation is now going to sell this.

Worth mentioning here is that Mangaluru and Gangtok municipal corporations are already selling manure produced from civic waste.

Patna Municipal Corporation had started the work of converting biodegradable waste into fertiliser by setting up compost pits in January but it is yet to take furthers step in this regard.

MMC currently has 40 compost pits through which they are generating around a tonne of organic fertiliser by processing municipal waste generated in the city. ITC is helping them with packaging. They have also applied for trademark registration. It will be sold under the name of Muzaffarpur Jaivik Khad.

The corporation has also placed orders for machines like shredder to expedite composting. The shredder helps in shredding wet garbage into small pieces so that decomposition of wet garbage into organic fertiliser is hastened up.

The municipal corporation sources claim that the organic fertilizer they produce has 50 times more organic value than compost being created by the civic body in Kerala.

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