Shell To Cut Methane Emissions To 0.02% By 2025

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Shell has been very actively working towards reducing carbon foot print and is trying to move towards green and cleaner energy.

Another step in that direction came in the form of an announcement on Monday that Shell will target to reduce and maintain its methane emissions intensity for all its oil and gas assets below 0.02% by 2025 which will see the company implement a variety of programs.

This methane target complements Shell’s ambition to cut the Net Carbon Footprint of its energy products by around half by 2050. This further demonstrates its continued focus on tackling greenhouse gas emissions. Such efforts are a critical part of Shell’s strategy to thrive during the global energy transition by providing more and cleaner energy.

Shell’s methane emissions target will be measured against a baseline Shell leak rate, which is currently estimated to range from 0.01% to 0.8% across the company’s oil and gas assets.

In an effort to maintain its target of 0.02%, Shell will introduce a range of programs including using infrared cameras to scan for methane emissions, deploying advanced technology to repair leaks, and replacing high-bleed pneumatically-operated controllers with low emission alternatives.

“Methane gas has a higher impact on global warming than carbon dioxide although it has a relatively short lifetime in the atmosphere. Reducing methane emissions will bring immediate climate benefits and will buy us some more time while we work out longer-term solutions.”




Reference- Shell PR, Cleantechnica, Reuters

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