LightYear : The Car For The Green Generation

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As the world shifts towards electric-powered vehicles, there is a looming question that haunts each and every auto maker, which is ‘how to tackle the range limitations of the vehicles?’

Several substitutes have come up over time.

Now, a new concept by a Dutch based company uses the energy from the sun as a way to charge these batteries.

‘Lightyear’ is a startup currently in the process of coming up with the first prototype of an electric car that recharges through solar cells embedded on its roof.

Do not mistake it for the only source of recharging the car though. It does come with the conventional charging plug, so you still can charge the car at a charging station or at your home.

The solar cells are there to eliminate the dependence on such charging stations though.

Technically the car does not run directly from the solar energy. There is still a lithium-ion battery powering the vehicle. However, the solar cells are able to charge the battery on the go, meaning the car has a potentially unlimited source of charging, without ever stopping for a refuel.

Lightyear has made the body of the car much lighter than average through design changes as well as the material used.

Other enhancements include in-wheel motors instead of a transmission, better aerodynamics, cameras instead of side-view mirrors, a streamlined undercarriage and an adjustable height of the car through an air suspension system to minimise the drag.

With all these changes in place, the company claims an impressive 500 miles (800+ kms) on a single charge.

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