Self-Parking Tech That Works Every Time, Anywhere

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Self-parking is a hot topic.SF Motors upped the ante with a promising patent it has filed. The global electric mobility company was founded in California in 2016.

The company announced it received an autonomous parking patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patent No. 10,106,153 was granted on October 23, 2018. The patent covers the design and method for a fully autonomous parking method.

Essentially, once the technology is deployed in SF Motors’ consumer products, it will allow the company’s electric vehicles (EV) to “self-park safely and accurately in complex parking zones without operator intervention.”

The SF Motors autonomous parking patent is a fair bit more involved than the aforementioned Ford parking helper. The technology has matured enough to use an advanced digital architecture that includes an impressive array of digital learning-based systems.

Specifically, SF Motors uses various types of sensors, including cameras and LiDAR, the get the job done in a smooth and safe manner.

SF Motors says it plans to deliver its first intelligent electric vehicle in China sometime at the end of 2019.

Reference- SF Motors website, Cleantechnica

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