Most Portable ebike : The New Jack Rabbit Mobility eBike

Jack Rabbit Mobility is rolling onto the ebike scene with its compact ebike-scooter hybrid that does away with the pedals, gears, chains, and greasy bits in favor of a compact form factor that founder Tom Piszkin believes will open them up to a whole new category of rider.

The unique design of the Jack Rabbit starts with a custom 6061 T6 monocoque frame that Tom designed himself that eschews pedals, gears, chains, and derailleurs and puts the mismatched front and rear wheels much closer together than on a normal bike.

The rear tire is a more traditional 26 inch air-filled tire that comes with a thorn-resistant liner in it from the factory. Up front, a smaller 20″ front wheel has been wrapped with a 1.5″ NEXO no-flat nitrogen infused front tire. That maximizes the utility of the bike, minimizes the possibility of flats, all in a compact form factor.

The two wheels have been positioned much closer together to keep the front-to-back footprint of the Jack Rabbit to a minimum which also helps when it comes to weight. The Jack Rabbit tips the scales at right around 20 pounds, making it one of the most portable ebikes on the market.

Reference- Cleantechnica, Jack Rabbit Mobility website