Saralweb: Riding The Renewable Energy Wave

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Mr. Kaviraj Singh, MD, Saralweb is sharing, with Clean Future, his plans to ride the renewable energy wave by introducing Saralweb Solar Camera Units

When was the idea for ‘Saralweb’ conceptualized and what factors motivated you to enter this space?

Saralweb was conceptualized in 2008 and have been delivering software solutions to customers ever since. 

Taking the vast potential of India’s workforce, Saralweb has introduced, a regulation compliant Workforce Management App (WM App) which helps users efficiently monitor contracted labour allocated at their premises, adhere to compliance requirements and create an environment of progressive cost reduction.

Will you call this a ‘attendance tracking’ or ‘surveillance’ product?

Automated attendance and job-site video surveillance are both simply features of the WM App. One can not limit this in either/or, as it is a holistic workforce management product. The App also comprises of other features such as low bandwidth video transfer, face ID recognition, head count through video analytics and ethical tracking.

What do you mean by ‘Ethical Tracking’?

Saralweb does not (GPS) track people without their consent. The only time Saralweb (GPS) tracking is active is when the user indicates he or she is on-duty by tapping a button on the UI.

Tell us more about, how your product offering utilizes ‘solar energy’ for operations? 

One cannot rely upon on-grid power solutions, specially  for surveillance and attendance marking of remote sites. Learning from the nature of customer requirements , we have developed a unit which is powered by Solar energy.  The Saralweb video camera unit is self-reliant for continuous operation.

How is this beneficial for clients in terms of Cost-of-Ownership? 

The Saralweb camera unit completely relieves clients from making any investments in power as well as networking infrastructure, making it suitable for surveillance in remote job-sites at low cost.

What is your unique selling proposition?

Integrated workforce management, enabled by modern technology at the end points (e.g. GPS, Video Surveillance, FaceID). The single login version of WM App, available for client’s workforce provider agencies for free, initiates automation based efficiency and transparency.

What is your ‘Go-To-Market’ strategy?

We have a Vertical market segment focus, with marketing focus on senior business decision makers. The decision makers are responsible for growth of their respective organisation, and we provide them a tool which helps them incorporate efficiency, transparency and compliance.

What kind of growth are you expecting in this financial year?

We are expecting significant revenue breakthrough in this FY, to the order of Rs. 5 Crore+.

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