Google’s Renewable Energy PPAs Drive $5 Billion In New Capital Investments

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By 2020, Google wants 100% of all shipments going to or from customers to be carbon neutral. In 2020, the company also wants 100% of Made by Google products to include recycled materials.

Google wants to increase its use of recycled content to the max possible. It also wants to make technology that puts people first and expands access to technology’s benefits.

Google says that it hopes to continue on the path it is on — integrating sustainability into its products and pushing itself to do more and do so faster.

However, Google wants to do more than just build products like Nest with recycled products. This is why it is investing $150 million into renewable energy (RE) projects in its key manufacturing regions.

Google’s commitment will reportedly help transform $1.5 billion of capital into renewable energy. It will generate as much electricity from renewable energy that it uses to create Google’s hardware products.

Google has been completely carbon neutral for over a decade. In 2018, it matched 100% of the electricity consumption of its global operations with renewable energy.

It hopes to raise the bar for using Earth’s resources wisely, coupled with high expectations of ethical standards throughout its supply chain. 

Its renewable energy purchasing contracts (PPA) have led to $5 billion in new capital investments in worldwide renewable energy projects.

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