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BMW Creates Closed-loop Material Cycle For Tungsten

Some companies are using blockchain to ensure ethical provenance of rare-Earth minerals, but BMW is taking that a step


Ecoreco- India’s First Recycling Company That Is Listed On BSE

With annual revenues of Rs 15 crore, Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco), a Mumbai-based company that is the “first company


Samsung Is Upcycling Smartphones Into Healthcare Devices

Samsung Electronics is recycling its old Galaxy smartphones into healthcare equipment for under-served people in India, Morocco, Vietnam and

Rail Wheel Factory

Rail Wheel Factory Saves Big By Recycling Sand…

The Rail Wheel Factory (RWF) at Yelahanka has managed to save a huge quantity of a valuable natural resource


Mining Gold Worth $11.2 Billion From Electronic Waste

Despite intensive efforts throughout history to extract gold from the Earth, best estimates suggest that to date only 190,000


Phool Is Recycling Flowers Thrown In River Ganga

Entrepreneur Ankit Agarwal’s Phool.co (flower) which has received investment from the social arm of the Tata business group, employ’s

zero waste

Zero Waste = More Jobs : Business Unusual

Employment opportunities are important in any economy, and especially in times of economic downturn. As governments and the private

Amara Raja Batteries

Amara Raja Batteries To Invest Rs 220 Cr. For Setting Up A 50 MW Solar Plant

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd (ARBL) is setting up a 50 megawatt solar power plant in Chittoor district of Andhra

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