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A Recycled Wood Which Is Stronger Than Steel!

Scientists at the University of British Columbia, Canada,  have discovered a new way to recycle wood, but with a twist: the

Face Mask

Upcycling Used Face Mask And Medical Waste Into Batteries

During the coronavirus epidemic, individuals throughout the world began wearing face mask, which is equal to more than 130

medical waste

Recycling Medical Waste To Make Bricks!

India’s medical waste management system is putting the environment at danger, and its 198 common bio-medical waste treatment facilities


Tesla Is Reusing 92% Of The Old Battery Raw Material…

According to new figures in Tesla’s 2021 Impact Report, recycled batteries have returned over 92 percent of their original


Recycling Glass From E-waste Into Glass Tiles

Common Sands is a design initiative focusing on recycling glass from consumer gadgets and converting them into tiles that


Honeywell’s New Technique Can Enhance Global Plastic Waste Recycling To 90%

Honeywell International, a maker of chemicals and aviation components, stated this week that it has developed a new method

Recycled Battery

Recycled Li-ion Battery Material Is NOT Inferior To Virgin Material

People often believe that recycled lithium-ion battery material is inferior to virgin material. Battery manufacturers are still hesitant to


ReCell Develops A Low-cost Recycling Method For Li-ion Batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries power our technology present and future. However, the growing usage of lithium-ion batteries, particularly in vehicles, has

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