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ReCell Develops A Low-cost Recycling Method For Li-ion Batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries power our technology present and future. However, the growing usage of lithium-ion batteries, particularly in vehicles, has


Michelin Introduces Airless Puncture-proof Tyre

Michelin had presented Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (UPTIS) prototype to the world in 2019, which is a combined airless


E-Waste Problem To Be Addressed By The Major Creators Of The Problem…

Major technology firms including Dell, Microsoft and Google have joined a new initiative aimed at creating a circular economy


Plastic Recycling Is A Myth Propagated By Petroleum And Gas Companies

Plastic items are useful and convenient, but they also come with a high environmental cost. You probably assume that


Toyota Reduces Freshwater Utilization By 90% For Manufacturing

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has reduced freshwater utilization for manufacturing by 142,982 cubic metres during fiscal 2020-21, reporting a


e-Source – An Innovative Platform From IIT-M To Tackle E-waste

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) is developing an innovative model to tackle electronic waste (e-waste) by linking

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Possible Solutions For 12 Million Tons Of Retiring EV Batteries

By 2030, 145 million electric vehicles (EV) are predicted to be on roads which is very good but they


Is TerraCycle Doing Greenwashing For Big Corporations?

TerraCycle was founded in the year 2001 by Hungarian-born founder Tom Szaky. At first, he collected food waste and

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