SILENT 80: A 26 kW Solar Power Electric-Hybrid Yacht

The SILENT 80, from SILENT-YACHTS, is a trans-ocean electric-hybrid catamaran with a 26 kW solar power system onboard. There are 64 SunPower X-Series panels in total.

The yacht has several options for propulsion, including a configuration with the very large solar power system, batteries, electric motors, and a generator that burns fuel to also charge the batteries.

With this option, the vessel produces very little noise, especially relative to power yachts of the same size, which typically use diesel engines.

They are using Lithium-Ion batteries from Victron Energy. Under normal sunny conditions, the boat can cruise day and night at a constant speed of 5 knots.

Cruising under the power of electric motors is a much quieter experience, hence the name. Electric motors running on clean, renewable energy also don’t produce toxic air pollution.

In the standard configuration the vessel has a fuel capacity of 3,000 liters. Another 2,000 liters of additional fuel capacity can be added as an option.

When it comes to the “Cruiser” and the “E-power” versions, a diesel generator charges the batteries (serial hybrid). Alternatively, we also offer a parallel hybrid propulsion system – the “Hybrid Power” version.

Hereby, the generator is replaced by two diesel engines for propulsion and for charging the batteries. Both diesel engines have an electric motor connected to the same shaft. This gives you the opportunity to run the boat with either the e-motors, the diesel motors, or by a combination of both.

Currently, two of the SILENT 80 vessels are under construction. If you’re wondering why it’s called the SILENT 80, the number refers to the vessel’s length — it’s about 80 feet long.

Using solar is indeed more practical, safer, cheaper and more reliable than wind. The additional convenience of more comfort is of course another positive aspect. 

Reference- Clean Technica, SILENT-YACHTS website & PR