Biogas- A 80% Cheaper Option For Cooking Than LPG

One should opt for a biogas plant, an alternative which is not only cheaper but also safer and environment-friendly, in order to beat the ever increasing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders prices which this time rose by Rs 144.5/-, the sharpest increase in six years.

Biogas is a mixture of oxygen, methane, and carbon dioxide produced from organic, kitchen, green and/or food waste.

The methane gas released from wet garbage is responsible for ozone depletion. By diverting it for cooking purposes, we can do a huge favor to the environment and our pocket as it brings down cooking cost by 80%.

An average plant will produce 300 grams of LPG when five kilos of organic waste is fed to the digester but an average household in India does not generate more than half a kilo of wet waste per day so we recommend a community based plant.

Choose a biodigester depending on the capacity and materials that come with the plant, the price can vary from Rs 10,000 to Rs 25 lakh.

Once the biodigester is fed, it takes 24 hours to generate the gas. Labour, segregation, chopping of waste, and feeding the digester takes up to two hours every day.

Reference- The Better India, Peepal Waste Managers website