Volkswagen ID.3 Will Cost Less Than Gas/Diesel Models

Volkswagen has confirmed that deliveries of its ID.3 First Edition models will begin this summer and adds this interesting twist. The company says virtually all of those cars — 30,000 of them — will be delivered simultaneously.

“The objective is to deliver the 30,000 pre-booked ID.3 vehicles in the 1st Edition to customers throughout Europe at almost the same time,” the company says.

The basic version of the Volkswagen ID.3 will be less expensive in Germany in terms of acquisition and operation than comparable internal combustion models. This model is entirely fit for everyday use and even costs less than an internal combustion model thanks to the environmental bonus.

The company is basing its claim that the ID.3 will be less expensive than an equivalent vehicle with a gasoline or diesel engine on a “true cost of ownership” analysis. Add up all the costs associated with owning an automobile — purchase price, registration fees, fuel, maintenance, insurance, and so forth. The bottom line is what is known as TCO.

And of course, at the present time, that calculation includes a sizable EV incentive from the German government together with the added benefit that electric cars in Germany fall into a lower insurance category and are therefore less expensive to insure.

The company press release also confirmed that the manufacturing process and charging networks for its new MEB-based cars will be carbon neutral, utilizing renewable energy wherever possible, and that the ID.4 SUV variant will indeed enter production as scheduled later this year.

The Volkswagen Group is investing $33 billion to bring electric cars to market and says it will be the largest electric car manufacturer in the world by 2025.

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