Biodegradable Folding Smartphone Screens From Fish Scales

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Researchers at Nanjing Tech University have developed a method of converting fish scales into bendable biodegradable screens. They thought about this odd yet noteworthy application while trying to find how they can make the most of 70.5 million metric tons of fish waste that is produced every year by the fishing industry.

The engineers have achieved this feat by using fish scales and extracting their natural gelatin. The gelatin is then spread out in a thin film, which is later mixed with a light-emitting zinc sulphide and copper material.

The gelatin sheet is then set up with a mesh of small nanowires that acts like electrodes to activate the light-emitting material.

Now you might be wondering, what is special about the display made from gelatin.

Well, while a plastic display in a landfill would take years to degrade, this biodegradable screen will disintegrate in just 24 days. It can also be dipped in warm water that’ll simplify the recycling process. 

While the tech is still in its nascent stages, panels made out of such biodegradable materials will surely help our planet stay healthier.

Reference- Nanjing Tech University, Times Of India, Reuters, New Scientist

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