TerraVis™ System Is Offering Carbon Neutrality To Pick-Up Trucks – Today

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Worksport™ (OTCQB: WKSP), launched a new website www.GoTerraVis.com, which is now home to much awaited publicly available information on the TerraVis™ system – a platform for versatile and cost-effective solar power integrations for pick-up trucks.

This groundbreaking innovation is the very first to combine practical, durable tonneau covers with a cutting-edge solar generation and energy storage system.

The Concept TerraVis™ was conceptualized with the goal of elevating today’s pick-up trucks and creating more intelligent accessories. This website launch marks the first release of design and application-related details.

Solar panels built into the rugged tonneau cover, which Worksport™ has become widely known for, will collect the sun’s rays and store energy in multiple battery banks.

This energy store can then be used in situ to provide power to an electric motor or can be removed and used remotely.

Built into the framework of a tonneau cover, the TerraVis™ system enables current pick-up truck owners to utilize sustainable energy through advanced solar power technology without investing in the latest trend of electric trucks.

TerraVis™ system

TerraVis™ offers the entire pick-up truck industry a substantial step towards carbon neutrality and renewable energy use.

Management is pleased to announce that it is presently in discussions with various parties interested in commercial partnerships with the TerraVis™ technology system, including a high-profile future electric truck manufacturer.

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