Lucid – The Fastest Charging Electric Vehicle In The World

Lucid Motors, has unveiled four cars globally which also marks the launch of the newest rival to Tesla electric cars. Available in four avatars, namely, Air, Touring, Grand Touring, and Drem Edition. Lucid Air’s price starts at under $80,000. That is ₹58.65 lakh according to today’s exchange rates in India.

This startup, which once teetered on the brink of collapse has launched electric sedans which will go an astounding 517 estimated miles on a single charge. That is 832 km on a single charge, folks!

Essentially, Lucid thinks it was ahead of the game years ago. However, while the company struggled financially before being thrown a lifeline in the form of Saudi investment cash, it also continued to advance its own technology.


Lucid Air features one of the most advanced autonomous driver assistance systems (ADAS) available from any manufacturer, including Tesla.

It has a first-of-its-kind advanced driver-assistance system which features 32 sensors to cover vision, radar and ultrasonic, and the world’s first standard HD LIDAR in an EV.

It is also the fastest charging electric vehicle in the world and is able to charge at a rate of up to 32 km per minute when connected to a DC Fast Charging network.

This means the car can be charged to deliver a driving range of up to 483 km in only 20 minutes!

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