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Tesla Is Experimenting With New Battery Chemistry

The overall content of the Tesla Battery Day presentation might have been overwhelming for those who do not have a technical background in battery development but we are presenting here five big takeaways from the event-

Here’s What Tesla will put in its new batteries
  1. A cost of less than $100 per kWh — will be achieved and production-ready in less three years. That means a significant reduction in vehicle cost and the real likelihood that a mass-market, $25,000 Tesla will be available in three years.
  2. If Tesla can achieve (and it’s likely that it will) a 3 TWh battery production capability within the next decade a transition away from fossil fuels for most, if not all, energy needs will no longer be a pipe dream.
  3. The new paradigm that Tesla uses for building the “machine that builds the machine” is groundbreaking, representing substantial improvement that will increase production capacity and lower production costs.
  4. The the battery tech that was previewed during Tesla Battery Day will enable it to keep even the most able competitors at bay.
  5. Tesla and Musk care more about the stuff that really matters — the underlying tech infrastructure for building EVs — than they do about the “bling” of new vehicle designs every years.

Much like SpaceX, this rate of progress could accelerate in the coming years. As Musk says, Tesla is a “hardcore engineering” company … and it shows in their relentless pursuit of improvement.

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