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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology Is Being Used For Transparency In EV Industry

While electrified and pure electric vehicle sales continue to outpace the new car market, there remain lingering questions around

structural battery

Structural Battery – Using Vehicle Body As Battery

Sweden’s Calmers University of Technology says it has made a breakthrough with the development of so-called structural battery. These


Challenges To Electric Two-wheeler Adoption In India

Two-wheelers are the ‘vehicle-of-choice’ for common Indians and so the Government of India along with NITI Aayog is targeting

StoreDot battery

StoreDot Creates 5 Minute Charge EV Battery Using Standard Production Lines

A new lithium-ion batteries which has been developed by the Israeli company StoreDot and manufactured by Eve Energy in


Panasonic Is Developing A Low-cost & Cobalt-free Battery For Tesla

Panasonic is working on a low-cost and cobalt-free battery, according to fresh reports. It hopes to help Tesla realize


Panasonic To Build New Tabless Tesla Batteries in 2021

Panasonic will begin producing prototypes of a new, cheaper type of battery for Tesla’s electric vehicles — the new


Apple To Make “Self-Driving” Cars With “Next Level” Battery Technology

Tech giant Apple is planning to produce a self-driving passenger car which is to be released by 2024 —


Europe Fast Tracks Sustainable Battery Initiatives

Since 2006, batteries and waste batteries have been regulated at EU level under the Batteries Directive (2006/66/EC). A modernization of

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