Scania Next-Level Electric Truck Batteries: 100% Recharge For Life!

In June 2022, Scania introduced a new range of electric trucks that have received a significant number of orders. The trucks will be manufactured in Södertälje, Sweden and will feature R and S cabs with a power range of 400 or 450 kW, making them suitable for various truck uses.


The newest electric vehicles for city use have been improved with environmentally friendly batteries and modified chassis, and are now available with services like Scania Charging Access. This complete package is now at a stage where it is attractive and suitable for a wide range of customers, regardless of their individual transportation requirements.

Scania’s new electric trucks for regional use have outstanding features, including the ability to handle heavy loads of up to 64 tons, a range of up to 390 kilometers, charging capacities of up to 375 kW, and power levels of 400 or 450 kW (around 610 hp). These specifications are much better than those of traditional trucks currently in use.

Scania has released new electric trucks in both rigid and tractor configurations, offering options for R and S series cabs. The range of these trucks can vary depending on various factors, but a 27-ton city tipper with six batteries can travel up to 350 kilometers before needing to be recharged.

In just one hour of charging, a truck can gain 270 kilometers of range. Even with a 130 kW charger, the truck can still add 100 kilometers of range in that same hour. This is based on a truck that uses 1.3 kWh of energy per kilometer.

Scania utilizes batteries from Northvolt, a Swedish company, that have exceptional longevity and a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to industry norms. What makes Scania’s batteries unique is their capacity to be charged up to 100% without any adverse impact on their lifespan. Additionally, these batteries maintain a consistent charging speed, resulting in predictable charging times and reduced overall ownership costs.

This accomplishment was achieved by effectively controlling temperature in partnership with Northvolt and modifying battery technology to suit large vehicles with powerful batteries.

Scania, a key player in the industry, is actively involved in the ongoing transition towards sustainable, fossil-free, zero-emission transportation. They foresee a major transformation in Europe and the USA, driven by customer preferences for eco-friendly options, stricter regulations, and the expected cost competitiveness of electric trucks versus diesel ones.

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