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Tesla Semis' Range Is Reduced Drastically When Hauling Heavy Cargo

Tesla Semis’ Range Is Reduced Drastically When Hauling Heavy Cargo

Tesla began delivering trucks to customers this month, five years after first displaying the Semi vehicle to the public.


New -Caterpillar Demonstrates First Battery Electric Large Mining Truck

Caterpillar announced this week the release of a new electric vehicle that is a zero-emission version of the company’s

Tevva Motors

Tevva Brings Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology To Electric Trucks

Tevva Motors (formerly Teva Motors) is moving away from diesel fuel in favor of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Tevva’s

Lunaz Industrial Upcycled Electric Vehicles (UEV)

Lunaz Has Launched The First Upcycled Electric Vehicle

Lunaz, a British electric restomodding firm, has revealed a new upcycled garbage truck outfitted with electric motors and batteries.

RED Hook

Red Hook Terminals Share Real-World Evidence & Benefits Of Going Electric…

Red Hook Terminals is one of the major freight handling facilities on the United States’ east coast. The terminal

Motiv Power Systems

Motiv’s Next Generation EV Truck Exceeds 150-Mile Range!

Motiv Power Systems, the leading inventor of EV vans, trucks, and shuttle buses that power the backbone of urban

electric trucks

Electric Trucks Have Started Replacing Old Fossil Fuel Fleets…

Electric trucks are no longer a sci-fi fantasy. Today, there are dozens of medium- and heavy-duty electric truck types

electric vehicles

Zero Emission Vehicles Are The Future Of Long-Haul Trucking

To meet the EU’s climate ambitions, heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) must be decarbonized and most conventional trucks and buses must

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