Caterpillar-NMG Sign An Amazing Circular Deal For Mining Segment

It makes sense to trade when one person has something another needs and the other person has something the first person needs.

Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. (NMG) and Caterpillar Inc. have signed definitive agreements to provide a zero-exhaust emission fleet, supporting infrastructure, and service for NMG’s Matawinie Mine. Caterpillar will provide heavy mining equipment to help with the transition from older models to Cat zero-emission units.


In addition, the two businesses have inked a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) to further commercial conversations centred on NMG’s active anode material. This off-take MoU could establish a full circular value chain whereby NMG supplies carbon-neutral graphite materials to Caterpillar for the development of its sustainable battery supply chain to electrify heavy vehicles, including NMG’s Matawinie fleet.

Caterpillar and NMG have planned the development and testing of equipment and infrastructure for the Matawinie Mine in Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Québec, Canada. During the pre-production phase and early production years, the equipment used for commercial production will support operations and be gradually replaced with Cat® zero-exhaust emission machines as they become available.

To accomplish an all-electric transition by the fifth year of Matawinie commercial operations, technical teams will work closely together to evaluate Caterpillar’s Early Learner models and pilot units, as well as assist technological development.

Before providing input to Caterpillar, NMG intends to employ these equipment in mining operations and collect data from on-site utilisation in a variety of weather, topography, and operating situations.

Caterpillar will reserve manufacturing slots based on the commercialization of Cat zero-emission machines, allowing the firm to benefit from timely deliveries and technological advancements for the term of the contract.

The agreements cover a wide range of devices, including hydraulic excavators, mining trucks, wheel loaders, dozers, and motor graders, as well as charging and energy storage facilities, as well as equipment maintenance services.

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