Tevva Motors

Tevva Brings Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology To Electric Trucks

Tevva Motors (formerly Teva Motors) is moving away from diesel fuel in favor of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Tevva’s new electric trucks have an electric motor developed in collaboration with Advanced Electric Machines company, which provides the company with a juicy green marketing corner.

The new engine avoids rare earth magnets, freeing the company from association with the environmental impacts of rare earth mining.


Tevva also notes that rare earth motors require a compensating electric current to counteract the magnetic field. In combination with the other factors, the result of removing rare earth metals is an increase in efficiency of up to 12%. Its new 7.5-tonne electric truck, with a range of up to 500km, will be the “first heavy-duty vehicle (HGV) powered by a hydrogen fuel cell to be manufactured, designed and mass-produced in the UK .

By adding a hydrogen fuel cell system to its battery electric truck design, Tevva offers zero-emission solutions that will work for the vast majority of fleet operators across a range of industries and sectors.

The fuel cell system charges the battery, extends the vehicle’s range and allows the truck to haul heavier loads over longer distances.

An advantage of using the fuel cell as a range extender rather than a primary power source is that Tevva can offer smaller, cheaper and lighter fuel cells and operate them with the most efficiency. possible high.

The Tevva truck is also designed to achieve the refueling time of a comparable diesel truck, which they estimate at 5-20 minutes. The launch of this truck with its hydrogen fuel cell range extender will completely eliminate CO2 at the tailpipe and reduce the total cost of ownership compared to existing diesel vehicles.

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