hydrogen fuel cell transportation

Interest in hydrogen fuel cell trains is growing as the technology has been able to break away from the fossil energy supply chain due to the new green H2 market expansion (“green” refers mostly to hydrogen gas produced from water with assistance from renewable energy). The United Kingdom, for example,Continue Reading

Tevva Motors

Tevva Motors (formerly Teva Motors) is moving away from diesel fuel in favor of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Tevva’s new electric trucks have an electric motor developed in collaboration with Advanced Electric Machines company, which provides the company with a juicy green marketing corner. The new engine avoids rare earthContinue Reading

Iron Catalyst

Within fuel cells there are so many energy conversions involved in producing hydrogen and then turning it into electricity, that the overall efficiency of the process is lost, and then you still need a battery to provide that instantaneous burst of power…so if we’re going to have a battery, why not justContinue Reading

hydrogen fuel cell

The Indian government has set an ambitious objective of decreasing the carbon intensity of its economy by 45 percent by year 2030. In this backdrop, hydrogen fuel cell technology is developing as a possible replacement for fossil fuels. Tata Motors has taken considerable efforts and has been leading in theContinue Reading


German Minister Anja Karliczek recently unveiled an example of a “hyper hybrid” vehicle powered by synthetic methanol, which is based on “green hydrogen” technologies. For this purpose they took a Tesla Moel Y— an all-electric vehicle that is, in many ways, already the pinnacle for efficiency and sustainability — forContinue Reading


General Motors Co (GM) will supply electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cell systems for rail supplier Wabtec Corp’s locomotives, in a move extending the No. 1 U.S. automaker’s reach outside the automotive sector. Wabtec, based in Pittsburgh, is developing locomotives powered by electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells in responseContinue Reading