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Adorable – Solar-powered Cold Storage & Silo Is Transforming U.P. Farmers

A Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) at Pasiyapur Janubi village, Chamarwa block in Rampur district, Uttar Pradesh(U.P.), has just made the lives of 2,000 farmers easier.

cold storage

These FPO’s are made up of a group of farmers and undertakes all commercial activities related to crop production and farming in an area. It may have anything from a 100 to several thousand farmers as its members.

In a way, these are private companies based on the cooperative principle.

The FPO Rampur Krishak Farmer Producer Company Limited, has set up its own solar-powered cold storage and a silo, providing a safe storage facility for the farmers to store their produce.

The capacity of the solar -powered cold storage facility is 10 metric tonnes and it has been developed at a cost of Rs 15 lakh. Meanwhile, the silo has a capacity of 100 metric tonnes and has been constructed at a cost of Rs 10 lakh.

And, soon, the FPO will also have a mobile cold storage facility, also solar-driven, up and running.

The cold storage facility and silos are a boon to the farmers in Rampur that is located about 400 kilometres from the state capital Lucknow as now farmers have a place to store their fast perishing produce such as fresh vegetables and milk. Because of this, they will not be forced to sell their produce at throwaway prices.

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