Aluminum Is In Great Demand In EV Industry

The buzz around electric vehicles (EV) has turned the spotlight on aluminum industry. In fact, the automobile industry is one of the biggest consumers of aluminum.


The white metal is not just the cheapest but also one of the lightest and so is much sought after by the EV and the aerospace industry as it helps reduce the overall weight of the structure while maintaining the strength.

The Tesla cars models, for instance, use nearly 200 kg of aluminum to limit their overall weight to around 2,000 kg.

It is not just used for making the frame and body of vehicles, but is also used in electrical wiring, wheels, ABS brakes, transmission, air conditioner condenser and pipes, and in engine parts like pistons, radiator and cylinder head.

Use of this white metal, instead of steel, enhances performance, safety, fuel efficiency and durability, and also renders many environmental benefits.

Experts say very soon the white metal will also be used for creating the EV infrastructure. With charging stations and battery casings put together, aluminum extrusion usage can increase up to 80 kg per vehicle on an average.

Globally, on average around 250 kg of aluminum is believed to be used in each EV. The demand for the white metal by EV makers was about 250 KT (kilo metric tonnes) in 2018 globally and is expected to top out at 10 MTPA (million metric tonnes per annum) by 2030.

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