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Power Global To Enter Indian Market With eZee Swappable Battery

Power Global, a leading provider of high-performance clean energy and mobility products for everyday applications, recently introduced its first mass market product, the eZee swappable battery for light mobility vehicles.

Power Global

The launch of the eZee product line marks the global debut of Power Global, founded by Romeo Power co-founder and former SpaceX engineer Porter Harris and international auto industry veteran Pankaj Dubey, with a mission to provide electric vehicle and clean energy products to global markets that have been left behind in the world’s push toward electrification.

Beginning in India, where three-wheeled vehicles represent a TAM of $16B, but rely on two of the most damaging environmental culprits – internal combustion engines (ICE) and lead-acid batteries – eZee offers auto-rickshaw drivers a simple, low-cost path to EV adoption.

While traditional EV products carry a high upfront cost of ownership, Power Global solves this problem through their affordable energy-as-a-service membership program. Through this unique subscription service, drivers receive a swappable eZee battery module backed by Power Global’s zero-maintenance lifetime service guarantee.

Drivers can either recharge the module at home or swap at Power Global’s convenient kiosks for a fully charged battery in less than a minute. eZee battery module is currently available by subscription pre-order, with initial distribution in Greater Noida, on the outskirts of New Delhi.

Following the launch of the eZee battery module, Power Global will announce its first line of Retrofit Kits to convert diesel- and petrol-fueled auto rickshaws into zero-emissions electric vehicles.

The swappable eZee battery module will also power future product lines, including upcoming applications for second-life stationary storage and automotive sectors.

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