Exponent Energy Promises To Charge An EV From 0 to 100% In Just 15 Minutes!

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Exponent Energy

Exponent Energy, a Bengaluru-based firm, has developed the E-pack and E-pump battery packs and charging stations.

The firm says that by working together, they can achieve a 0 to 100 percent fast charge in 15 minutes for all commercial vehicles, regardless of wheel count. They do this by utilizing low-cost lithium-ion batteries and providing a warranty of 3,000 charging cycles.

Exponent Energy

Exponent Energy intends to bridge the gap between battery cells and chargers in order to reduce stress on EV batteries while completely charging them in under 15 minutes.

Rapid charging did not work in the present Indian market since it was accomplished with bulky and costly technologies such as LTO (lithium-titanate-oxide) or supercapacitors. When chargers feed ordinary batteries more power than they can manage, the batteries degrade significantly.

Fast charging will shorten battery life in this aspect.

Exponent Energy’s promise to provide 15 minutes of quick charging with 3,000 cycle life of inexpensive lithium-ion cells is fully made feasible by their ability to regulate impedance or disorder within a battery cell that inhibits the flow of energy.

Thanks to active control of cell impedance across multiple charging cycles, we only lost about 3.5 percent of capacity over the first 800 charging cycles of testing and gave a 3,000 life cycle warranty with our batteries.

In comparison, India’s EV sector now has an average guarantee of 1,000 life cycles and loses 20% capacity.

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