Tesla Sees A 184% Jump In Brand Value – Interbrand Best Global Brands 2021

Tesla was designated the fastest-growing brand in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2021 list. This year’s top risers had great performance on three brand strength characteristics:-

  • Participation
  • Agility
  • Direction

It stated that tech behemoths Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft remain at the top of the list, and that quick climbers like Salesforce and Adobe meant more tech businesses in the top 10. In terms of advancement, though, Tesla comes out on top.

Interbrand’s 2021 Best Global Brands

Tesla is the true champion, with a near-tripling of its brand value and a stunning 26-point climb to 14th position. This spectacular growth was fueled by a strong social media presence that boosted brand awareness and solidified the company’s position as the world’s top electric vehicle maker.

Its main objective, ‘to speed the world’s transition to sustainable energy,’ clearly connects with a growing, devoted customer base and exemplifies how strong companies entice customers with a clear, consistent vision.

Tesla’s pillars of growth are :-

  • Batteries
  • Solar
  • In-house services such as insurance
  • Autopilot and FSD (Full Self Driving)
  • Building factories
    • Giga Shanghai (online and ramping)
    • Giga Berlin (just opened)
    • Giga Texas (almost launching)
    • Fremont Factory
    • Megafactory for Megapacks (just had groundbreaking)
  • Elon Musk’s Twitter interactions with customers
  • Artificial Intelligence

With all of these pillars in mind, it’s simple to see why Tesla was voted the fastest growing brand of 2021 by Interbrand.

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