Sony Appears To Be Serious About Manufacturing An Electric Vehicle

Sony introduced the Vision-S electric concept automobile two years ago. They said that it was only an idea. There are no manufacturing plans.

A year later, we discovered that the company was not joking; it had built a test mule from the concept vehicle and was driving it through snowy Austria. Sony’s electric automobile is presently undergoing public road testing in Austria with a fully working, 536 horsepower (!) prototype.

To validate this idea in the real world, they began public road testing in Europe in December [2020], and began testing the imaging and sensing equipment placed inside and outside the car, as well as the human-machine interface (HMI) system, for safety and user experience.


The company started testing 5G driving in April 2021 and will continue to use its cutting-edge technology to create new experiences in the rapidly changing world of mobility, which is shifting toward electric vehicle (EV).

Sony claims that the Vision-S marks the start of a new era for the company. This involves the spring launch of a new operational firm dedicated only to EVs and transportation. “Sony Mobility Inc.” will be the company’s name. Sony expressly states that via this new firm, it “intends to investigate entrance into the electric vehicle sector.” The company is well aware of where the money is 😉

The new company’s mission will be to maximize the use of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, to contribute to the realization of a future in which everyone may live in peace with robots on a daily basis, to instil emotion in people, and to contribute to society.

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