Transition-One Launches “Electrical Conversion Kit” For All Cars !

Transition-One, a French startup company, is taking advantage of France’s new homologation rule, which allows for the conversion of older ICE cars. This also enables them to qualify for electric vehicle incentives.


Transition-One claims to provide an environmentally friendly transition solution for the automobile industry. Its objective is to manufacture these conversion kits at the lowest feasible cost, while also reducing carbon emissions and promoting a circular economy.

The existing mentality in the internal combustion engine automotive industry is such that in order to get a new feature, manufacturers want you to purchase a new car, which is not particularly sustainable. For instance, 7 tonnes of CO2 are released during the manufacturing process of a car in the same category as the new Renault ZOE.

However, converting one Renault Clio with the Transition-One kit emits just 2 tonnes, thus saving 5 tonnes so the kit’s primary metric is CO2 emissions avoided.

Transition-One is also improving supply chains to ensure that the majority of components are sourced locally, minimising the need to transport components from distant locations.

All inverters and battery packs are bought and constructed locally. They want to replicate this approach internationally as the firm grows in the future and will operate on a franchise model, with partners converting customers. To facilitate this, the business will provide training and upskilling programs in all new markets.

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