Hysata Electrolyzer Creates Green Hydrogen for Under $1.50/Kilogram

Green hydrogen is produced using water as a fuel and renewable energy. There are no fossil fuels used. Otherwise, it is not considered green hydrogen.

In Australia, Hysata has created an ultra-high efficiency electrolyzer that they say could pave the way to green hydrogen for less than AUD$2.00 per kilogramme (US$1.50/kg).


This green hydrogen is intended to replace the fossil fuels that presently power the steel, heavy haulage, and fertiliser sectors, generating a multi-trillion-dollar business and aiding in the decarbonization of the global economy.

Hysata has verified that their “capillary-fed electrolysis cell” can generate green hydrogen from water with a cell energy efficiency of 98 percent. This is much higher than the IRENA 2050 objective and significantly better than existing electrolyzer technology, allowing for a hydrogen production cost of less than AUD$2/kg.

The Hysata electrolyzer will provide the lowest hydrogen cost in the world, saving hydrogen manufacturers billions of dollars in power expenses, and allowing green hydrogen to compete with fossil fuel-derived hydrogen.

Their method will enable hydrogen generation at a cost of less than US$1.50/kg per kilogramme, reaching Australian and worldwide cost objectives significantly sooner than previously anticipated. This is crucial for commercialising green hydrogen and decarbonizing difficult-to-abate industries.

Hysata is happy to be at the forefront of technological innovation, developing an entirely new type of electrolyser that is as significant as the transition from internal combustion engines to electric motors.

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